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mulberry street seltzer

Welcome to Mulberry Street, a brand born out of a passion for cocktails and inspired by the rich history and buzzing culture of New York City. Our story begins with two best friends, Chris and Matthew, who bonded over their love for the fast‑paced lifestyle of the city and their passion for la dolce vita.

Picture this: a bustling port in New York, with ships arriving from all corners of the world. Among them, a group of Italian ships carrying the freshest ingredients you've ever seen, bringing a new level of flavour and authenticity to the city's food scene.

Today, Italian cuisine is a staple of New York City, and the legacy of the Italian immigrants who arrived with the freshest ingredients lives on. We too take pride in our heritage and want our customers to know they’re sipping on the finest Italian ingredients while enjoying our New York Seltzers.
After working together for nearly 20 years launching the Peroni beer brand all around the world, Chris and Matthew formed the Italian Seltzer Company in 2021. Safe to say, they have a shared passion for Italy and fizzy drinks. Together with a few friends from Italy, they came up with the idea of an alcoholic sparkling water that gets its unique taste from Sicilian citrus fruits.

and so, the Mulberry Street seltzer was born.

Perfect to serve over ice on a summer's day or to mix with a spirit of your choice for an invigorating cocktail. So come join us on a journey through the streets of New York and the sun‑drenched beaches of Italy, and let's celebrate life with a refreshing sip of our Italian‑inspired award‑winning seltzer.
Mulberry Street....where Italy meets New York.

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